The Spruce Eats Holiday Gift Guide

Our editors' picks for the most delicious, practical and magical gifts for all of the food lovers on your list.
Top Picks
Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven
For the health-driven in your life, you can’t go wrong with an air fryer. My brother is obsessed with it for quicker, crispier food. It combines efficiency with lighter dishes—a win-win for health nuts of any age.
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Hard Cider Kit
I didn’t think it was possible to do hard cider at home until I got this kit. It’s incredibly easy, you just need a bit of patience (and a big bucket) and before you know it you’ll be sipping on amazing hard cider.
Cordless Tabletop Appliances
Finding outlets for appliances can be tough in a tiny kitchen. KitchenAid’s new cordless collection—powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries—is an absolute gamechanger. Meal prep, welcome to the 21st century.
Passionate Bakers
Bread Lame Slashing Tool
Anyone who's taken to bread baking will appreciate this wood-handled lame for putting the final touches on a loaf. It comes with its own box and plenty of extra blades to ensure their dough is slashed precisely.
Whipped Cream Dispenser
Desserts are made better with whipped cream. This nicely-designed dispenser comes with different swirl tips. Bakers can make just a little bit of either plain or flavored cream and use the rest for something else.
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Silicone Mini Loaf Pans
My family is obsessed with quick breads, but the end pieces of a large loaf quickly lose their luster. Enter little guys, which hold the same amount as normal pans, but you can eat one and freeze one.
Bundt Pan
Like everyone else, I’ve been baking up a storm, but there are only so many photos of a regular banana bread loaf to Instagram. Not only does this pan spice up everyday WFH baking, but it’s perfect for the holidays.
Stand Mixer
This stand mixer is iconic for a reason. The bowl-lift version is one that brings the feel of pro bakeries right into your home. It may be an obvious choice, but for the avid baker, it’s the most reliable addition.
Single-Origin Spices
Quality spices are a powerful baking weapon. Once your favorite baker tries these potent single-origin versions (especially the fragrant Royal Cinnamon), they may never go back to the supermarket stuff.
Offset Spatula
With the ability to create dramatic swirls of frosting, remove stubborn muffins from tins, and smear jam on toast, this is an essential that you might not know you need, but won’t ever want to do without again.
Silicone Baking Cups
These reusable cupcake liners are a good gift for a new baker (add some fun sprinkles!). They stack, can be used without a pan, and are great not only for baking, but also for freezing and partitioning lunchboxes.
Gadget Lovers
Indoor Herb Garden
An indoor herb garden is perfect for gourmet cooks, particularly those who live in apartments or cold climates. I love mine and know I’ve ended up saving money at the grocery store on fresh herbs.
Wireless Rechargeable 12-oz Blender
Blend your favorite smoothies at work, shakes at the campsite, or frozen drinks for family night with the cordless power of this rechargeable blender.
Moccamaster Coffee Maker
I take coffee very seriously, and this machine is worth every penny and all the hype. Not only does it look sleek and stylish, but it also consistently (and quickly) brews the best-tasting coffee.
Hopsulator Trio
This is an excellent gift for craft beer lovers who like to enjoy a drink during a socially-distant walk. You can use this with 16-ounce bottles or 12-ounce cans, plus they come in all different designs and colors.
Electric Milk Frother
I love a frothy milky tea. Earlier this year, I started making my own and this frother is essential. It’s great for people who don’t have fancy espresso machines, but want to make their own copycat cafe favorites.
Cold Smoking Gun
A cold smoking gun allows you to impart wood flavor without the application of heat. While not a necessity, this gadget has allowed me to get that more creative and bring a next-level, fine dining flavor to my food.
Grill Rotisserie Attachment
The very best gadgets do a job that nothing else can do as well. Grilling doesn’t stop in the winter and this attachment is actually like giving someone dozens of perfectly golden, juicy, smoky grilled chickens.
Mandoline Food Slicer
This tool is my favorite way to get thin potatoes for tortilla espanola. It has multiple blades, which makes it incredibly versatile, and comes with a hand guard so fingers don’t get too close to the blade.
Cookbook Collectors
Vegetable Kingdom
The recipes in Bryant Terry’s celebration of vegetable-based cooking are approachable and beautifully shot. They also are also vegan without the fake meat. Plus, there are also song recommendations.
The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cookbook
I rely on my Instant Pot to get me through busy work weeks, but I used to find myself uninspired by it. Once I got this book, I was eating more than just pot roast and soups—definitely try the risotto and cheesecake.
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True Comfort
I was pleasantly surprised by how many delicious and (easy) recipes were in Kristin Cavallari’s first book. Her second one is a great gift for anyone whose interests include healthy dishes and celebrity dish.
EMILY: The Cookbook
I bought my fiance this cookbook and not only does it help make the restaurant’s incredible pizza and the most amazing burger, but it’s full of fun side dishes and really inspires us to experiment with ingredients.
The Flavor Bible
The authors have created a definitive matrix for home cooks who are simply looking for inspiration. It has allowed me greater flexibility in the kitchen and given me a chance to really invent my own recipes.
Xi'an Famous Foods
XFF’s noodles are as iconically New York as pizza and bagels. Jason Wang shares his family’s recipes for the first time in an essential book for the restaurant’s fans or those delving deeper into Chinese cuisine.
Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking
One way to keep the endless cycle of cooking and eating at home fresh is by making colorful dishes you’re excited to dive into. Every page makes this collection of delicious modern Israeli recipes a must own.
Moosewood Restaurant Favorites
This collection is from beloved restaurant Moosewood, an establishment that revolutionized vegetarian cooking. With its mouthwatering recipes, it’s my go-to when I’m trying to focus on a more plant-based diet.
Keeps on Giving
Distillery Tasting Box
I got my brother a whiskey subscription to Flaviar, which includes a quarterly tasting box with three samples, plus a complimentary bottle of his choosing. I love that it creates a distillery-tasting experience at home.
Yum Box Subscription
My kids got me this for Father's Day. You get a lot of different snacks from around the world—both sweet and savory—to try every month and they are really like nothing I’ve ever had before.
Craft Beer Gift Box
Tavour has been my main guilty pleasure for three years. You get to pick beers from all over the country. They’re the champions of the independent craft beer industry and have something for every kind of beer lover.
Sparkling Water Sampler
Rather than defaulting to standard flavors such as orange and grapefruit, Sanzo’s bubbly waters are infused with juices from calamansi, lychee, and mango. It comes in packs of 12 that can be delivered to your door.
World Ramens Subscription
If you've never met a pack of ramen you didn't like, you're not alone in this world. World Ramens is a fantastic subscription that delivers new and intriguing instant noodles from around the world. Ensure you never get tired of this easy, delicious pick-me-up with a monthly delivery.
Wine Club Subscription
The pandemic made me appreciate a good wine club more than ever before. Winc partners with wineries to offer exclusive bottles and offers flexibility by allowing you to shop for as little or as much as you want.
Mustard Gift Box
This tongue-in-cheek collection is the perfect gift for mustard lovers. It’s good as glaze for baked salmon, in salad dressings, and paired with crispy chicken. Plus, the branding gives everyone a good laugh.
Sponsored By Jose Cuervo
Reserva De La Familia®️ Extra Añejo Tequila by Cuervo
The crown jewel of the Jose Cuervo family of tequila. Small-batch and handcrafted following an artisanal process handed down over generations. The perfect gift.
Jose Cuervo®️ Tequila. 40% Alc./Vol. (80 proof). Trademarks owned by Tequila Cuervo La Rojeña, S.A. de C.V. ©️2020 Proximo, Jersey City, NJ. Please drink responsibly.
Electric Fondue Maker
My family always has fondue at our holiday gatherings because it's easier than a sit-down dinner and keeps everyone engaged. This electric model is ideal because it eliminates the open flame.
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Oven-to-Table Serving Bowls
When you’re trying to master the art of dinner parties, these make you feel like a pro. They open up a whole new world of fun appetizers, plus they are incredibly chic, everyone will ask where you got them.
Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan
These customizable lazy susans are made from repurposed white oak bourbon barrels and add a rustic touch to your decor. Every time a guest spins it (instead of asking you to pass the dip), you'll get a compliment.
Laguiole Steak Knife Set
A gorgeous gift that makes setting the table for those who entertain that much more fun, this trusted brand has a variety of handle types, colors, and materials. The classic ones are chic without breaking the bank.
Marbled Acacia Cheese Board
This beautiful board is perfect for hosts who like their cheese and charcuterie spread to look as good as it tastes. The inlay of chocolate marble has an almost terrazzo-like speckling that makes it stand out.
Pryce Gold Coupe Glasses
Nothing says fancy like a pair of gold-rimmed coupes for champagne and cocktails. I have a pair that I reserve for special occasions. They’re delicate and gorgeous and perfect for celebrating or entertaining.
At Home Bartenders
Drink Mixes
These new carbonated mixers are infused with natural juices, botanicals, and spices. Flavors such as jalapeno-orange and hibiscus-pomegranate pair wonderfully with spirits and are as delicious sans booze.
Sponsored By House of Suntory
Haku Vodka
The Japanese Craft Vodka from the House of Suntory. Haku Vodka is made from 100% Japanese white rice and filtered through bamboo charcoal. Gluten-free. Non-GMO.
Stocking Stuffer
Silicone Ice Cube Tray
These ice cube trays are perfect for making drinks on the rocks (bourbon is my fave spirit). You could even fill them with cold coffee, freeze them, and make an adult iced coffee with them if you really want to!
Electric Food Dehydrator
Dehydrators are a fun and easy way to eliminate food waste, while upping your cocktail game. From dehydrated citrus peels in a martini to a blend of dehydrated tomato and celery for your own bloody mary mix, it’s a gift that lets any caliber bartender tap into their creative side.
Food for Foodies
Cooking Starters
Omsom bundles the spices and seasonings you need for an Asian-inspired meal into one convenient starter packet. Add some proteins or veggies and get restaurant-quality dishes with a fraction of the prep work.
Hot Pepper Sauces
Created by Andre Singer, these addictive hot sauces are packed full of the flavors of his Barbadian New Yorker. All of these sauces deserve a place at the table, but I’m currently crushing hard on Mx. Green Sass.
Triple Threat Sauce Trio
It’s hard not to feel lost in the sea of specialty chili oils in the world right now, but this woman-owned company creates an addictive Sichuan blend of complex flavors and textures that you will soon smother on every dish. This bundle is a great jumping-off point, but if you’re feeling extra generous, opt for the Sichuan Pantry Essentials.
Hickory Smoked Country Bacon
Bacon is one of my favorite food gifts. This one smells so good and smoky while it’s cooking, and has such a crazy good texture. Though I only eat it once in a while, I think about it almost every weekend.
Serious Cooks
Smart Blender
This high-tech model is really customizable, from the touchscreen to the companion app. Everything I blend in here comes out silky smooth. I don’t think I can ever downgrade to an inferior blender again.
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Mushroom Log Kit
These logs grow mushrooms for up to three years and are a great way to introduce a little of the outdoors inside during the winter months when hearty recipes like soups, stuffings, and stir fries are popular.
Carbon Steel Pans
These handmade French pans are a tool that just gets better with age and are a bargain for the longevity you will get from them. They are a true professional cook’s dream, going seamlessly from stovetop to oven.
Large Food Processor
A true kitchen workhorse, this processor is the ideal candidate for the job when you’re making large batches of dip, hummus, or dough. Just throw in all of your ingredients, pulse, and voila!
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Stocking Stuffer
Wooden Salt Cellar
This is a small gift for the big cooks in your lives. It has a swivel lid with a hidden magnetic closure and it’s the right size to grab a four-finger pinch of salt for seasoning. I wrap it with a fancy salt.
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Food insecurity is a bigger issue than ever this year. As we head into the holiday season, help by making a donation to No Kid Hungry.
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