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Ask the Experts

New to the deli counter? We asked experienced,
insightful deli-goers for advice on what they love
about the deli.

The First Slice Is on the House

“I begin by scanning the case to see what meat and cheese options are available. I always ask to see the first slice to make sure the thickness is to my liking, and it’s normally perfectly fine to try a sample.”

Ashley Boyd, food blogger and recipe developer who creates and shares Southern-inspired recipes.

More Flavor. Less Waste.

“The freshness that comes with cut-to-order makes a huge difference. Ordering deli meats at the counter can reduce plastic waste in three ways: you can order a higher weight per order than what comes prepackaged, you can ask for butcher paper instead of plastic bags, and you can even bring your own containers!”

Candice Walker, an Iranian-Jewish food content creator specializing in recipes that blend traditional Jewish and Persian flavors and ingredients.

Count on Boar’s Head

“Go with brands you can trust like Boar’s Head. You’ll have peace of mind that all their products are high quality, tried-and true, and reliable from a family-owned company that’s been trusted since 1905.”

Lisa Childs, a content creator, food blogger, and cookbook author

Deli Associates Are Your Friends

“You’ll have a trusted expert behind the counter to help you to find what’s right for your week’s lunches or to build your next fabulous charcuterie board for a party. They can keep you apprised of the newest, freshest products and the best times to buy them.”

Ramona Cruz-Peters, bestselling cookbook author and Editor-in-Chief of Fab Everyday

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